Tworlds: an app to compare your experiences with a random stranger

Tworlds is a free iOS app that lets you compare your moments with a stranger. Why? Just to find out if someone else somewhere else in the world is doing or feeling the way you do at that very same time. The app works as follow:

With Tworlds you take a photo which immediately is coupled with a corresponding similar moment at a random spot somewhere else on this globe. These two images are anonymous placed together, and only contain the two place names. Then, the newly combined image, we bombed this the tworld, can be viewed, saved and shared via email or social media.

Read more on the official page.

DO by IFTTT: one button to rule them all

DO by IFTTT: one button to rule them all

IFTTT has just released DO, a new set of mobile apps designed as a simple single big virtual button to trigger a series of pre-programmed actions – i.e. from sending pictures to family members to control your connected domestic devices.

As reported by Rachel Metz on MIT Technology Review:

IFTTT cofounder and CEO Linden Tibbets thinks the simplicity of the app will make it a lot easier to do specific tasks—especially ones you repeat often that typically require several steps. It comes at a time when many app makers are trying to invent stripped-down interfaces suitable for smart watches (see “A QWERTY Keyboard for Your Wrist”). Tibbets won’t comment on whether the new app, known as Do Button, will be available for the Apple Watch when that device begins selling in April, but he says it “would be certainly applicable there.”+

Although you see only one button when you open the Do Button app, it is possible to program two more, which are accessible by swiping to the side. The app is an attempt to branch out from the company’s existing Web service, which launched in 2011. The website lets users set automated rules to link various online services that don’t normally play together. For example, you can set a rule instructing the service to automatically copy any photo you are tagged in on Facebook to your Dropbox cloud storage account.

DO buttons are available for both iOS and Android devices.

InstaNO2: a photo app to visualise air quality data

The InstaNO2 mobile photo app conceived to visualise air quality data by simply shooting photos. It was designed by Ye Lin as part of her MSc dissertation in HCI at UCL.

” The app allows people to explore the current NO2 level from places via an existing habitual behaviour, taking photos.The appearance of photos are adjusted based on the air quality data on top, which translates the analytical number representing the severity of pollution to a visible form. The app provides a side-by-side comparison view by applying photo filters, which allows people to discover the spatial and temporal variations in air quality.”

For further details, see the presentation on Slideshare.


A concept app for waste-free cooking

A concept app for waste-free cooking

In a recent post appeared on FastCo.Design, Sophie Weiner presented an interesting concept app aimed at helping people to reduce food waste: “Seymourpowell […] created a conceptual app, the Waste-Free Christmas Dinner Maker (WCDM), which leads you through every step of the shopping and cooking process to ensure that you won’t have anything left to throw away. The process begins by picking portion sizes for your guests and deciding on a menu. If, for example, you choose to remove brussels sprouts, the app would also automatically increase the amount of another vegetable to maintain a healthy balance in the meal. Add in the number of guests, and the app will let you know how much of each ingredient is necessary, send that info to the grocery store, and have it all delivered in a reusable delivery package. The app also guides your cooking step by step, with a timeline to ensure you don’t mess something up and have to toss it. When the meal is over, the WCDM app offers suggestions for new meals to make with the leftovers”. You can read more here.