The Bit Planner: a wall mounted LEGO time planner

Designed by  Clara Gaggero and Adrian Westaway – former designers at Vitamins and founders of  Special Projects (a product design and invention studio based in London)  – and Duncan Fitzsimons,  The Bit Planner (2013) is a wall mounted time planner made entirely out of LEGO.

A companion software application was originally scheduled for 2014 but never released. According to the concept, users could have taken a photo of the planner to synchronise the events to an online calendar.

Find out more on the project page.


Robot Factory: an app to build your robot

Robot Factory – the new app of Brooklyn-based developer Tinybop – Robot Factory is more than a simple interactive iOS game to build robots. It’s a digital toybox conceived to allow kids to practice imaginative play by following the path and the spirit of the original Lego blocks.

You can discover more on FastCoDesing.

Download the app (iPad).

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