Zeitmaschine: the uncertainty of the future onto the past

Zeitmaschine is an interactive video installation that projects the uncertainty of the future onto the past. It deals with the fluidity of time and the way we construct our world through what we see. It makes the recent past explorable in a fluid and playful way. But although the perceivable time continuum is coherent, events might not be. The machine adapts to the space it is set up in and behaves much like a human brain: Memories are selective, sometimes altered, invented or forgotten.

The installation had a first public test run at the 48h Neukoelln Arts Festival 2014 at Ke//er L/A/B in Berlin. Although only planned to be on show for three days, thanks to its many fans and Ke//er, the installation did run for almost a month.

Retrieved on Cycling 74 website.