Stephen Hawking’s speech system as open-source platform

Speaking at WIRED Health in London, Intel’s Lama Nachman has revealed that Stephen Hawking’s speech system will be available as open-source platform for the research community.  During the speech, she also gave some interesting detail on the redesign process behind the work the team has done – from user experience research to interaction design.

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InstaNO2: a photo app to visualise air quality data

The InstaNO2 mobile photo app conceived to visualise air quality data by simply shooting photos. It was designed by Ye Lin as part of her MSc dissertation in HCI at UCL.

” The app allows people to explore the current NO2 level from places via an existing habitual behaviour, taking photos.The appearance of photos are adjusted based on the air quality data on top, which translates the analytical number representing the severity of pollution to a visible form. The app provides a side-by-side comparison view by applying photo filters, which allows people to discover the spatial and temporal variations in air quality.”

For further details, see the presentation on Slideshare.