Architecture of Radio: discover the hidden world of digital networks

Created by Richard Vijgen, the Architecture of Radio is an iPad application conceived to visualize the network of networks “by reversing the ambient nature of the infosphere; hiding the visible while revealing the invisible technological landscape we interact with through our devices”. The app relies on GPS to get the user’s location and finds the cell towers that are within reach from OpenCellID. Then, it calculates the position of overhead Satellites based on JPL’s Ephemeris data.
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Cyborg Dating: Google Cardboard VR to enhance future human enagement

From Cyborg Dating website: “Visitors of the Impakt Festival could go on a “Cyborg Date”. They could take a walk through a virtual forest which was situated at GPS-coordinates in the city centre of Utrecht. Navigating was a joint effort. The person wearing the Google Cardboard could see where to go, but the person guiding could see how to go there, avoiding obstacles, people and bicycles. On the way, they both were informed about the progress of the ‘date’. They were given suggestions on what to say, and at certain interactive spots buttons appeared. A rose could be given to the human guide. The contents of a picnic basket could be shared. And at one point en route, the forest could be switched to nighttime, to subtly nudge the date towards a romantic ending. The growth of the amount of cyborgs amongst us, is irreversible. Curious about the impact this will have on society? Meet the future by using new experimental technology engineered by Veenhof and Frabsnap. An interface to let cyborgs anno now, humans with smartphones, date cyborgs of the future: human beings living in both virtual and physical worlds at the same time. Become an instant cyborg using a simple VR-headset extension for your Android smartphone, or use your smartphone to guide a cyborg around the city during a romantic walk through a virtual forest located in the parallel reality of the city of Utrecht. An ideal way to experience the unique new opportunities of sincere and efficient digital communication between future humans.”



Concept & realisation: Sander Veenhof & Rosa Frabsnap
Programming interaction: Sander Veenhof
Virtual forest: Paul Siegmann
Video footage: Remko Dekker & Sander Veenhof



Cyborg Dating originally appeared in Fast.Co Design