A literature review of gamification design frameworks

A literature review of gamification design frameworks

Abstract – This paper presents a review of the literature on gamification design frameworks. Gamification, understood as the use of game design elements in other contexts for the purpose of engagement, has become a hot topic in the recent years. However, there’s also a cautionary tale to be extracted from Gartner’s reports on the topic: many gamification-based solutions fail because, mostly, they have been created on a whim, or mixing bits and pieces from game components, without a clear and formal design process. The application of a definite design framework aims to be a path to success. Therefore, before starting the gamification of a process, it is very important to know which frameworks or methods exist and their main characteristics. The present review synthesizes the process of gamification design for a successful engagement experience. This review categorizes existing approaches and provides an assessment of their main features, which may prove invaluable to developers of gamified solutions at different levels and scopes.

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Alberto Mora, Daniel Riera, Carina Gonzalez,  Joan Arnedo-Moreno, “A literature review of gamification design frameworks”, Conference paper, September 2015

Robot Factory: an app to build your robot

Robot Factory – the new app of Brooklyn-based developer Tinybop – Robot Factory is more than a simple interactive iOS game to build robots. It’s a digital toybox conceived to allow kids to practice imaginative play by following the path and the spirit of the original Lego blocks.

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