Design today (according to 9 practioners)

Design is evolving. Where its practitioners were once expected to produce goods, today their work and manipulate an invisible matter. Design is more about interactions and experiences — where not about software and complex systems.

Wired  asked nine top designers – namely Robert Brunner Cofounder, AmmunitionGentry Underwood Head of Design, DropboxJack Schulze Cofounder, BergKim Colin Cofounder, Industrial FacilityJonas Damon Executive Creative Director, FrogNatasha Jen Partner, PentagramBethany Koby CEO and Cofounder, Technology Will Save UsMia Blume Product Design Manager, PinterestAlexis Lloyd Creative Director, New York Times R+D Lab – to talk about the meaning their work has today.

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Happiness: experience versus memory

I’ve stumbled upon this “old” TEDTALKS video while flipping some pages on Flipboard. Daniel Kahneman talks about the correlation of happiness with our different selves and the way this correlation may influences our decision-making process. It turns out that  in our pursuing of happiness, goals and conditions to satisfy may vary according to the self we are looking at. Here, stories our brain makes up for us seems to increase the weight of memory over experiences.