Magnetic fields to send data through the human body

Magnetic fields to send data through the human body

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are working on a technology that uses human body as a communication medium as a safer alternative to Bluetooth for wearable gadgets. According to Patrick Mercier – assistant professor at UCSD and co-director of its Center for Wearable Sensors – Bluetooth radios are not that great at transferring data when there’s a body in the way requiring more power while this doesn’t apply to magnetic fields.

Read more on MIT Technology Review.

Lantern: a beacon-based system to help blind people to navigate the subway

The New York Subway can feel like a maze. Even more so for the blind. Lantern is beacon-based project that aims to help the blind to independently navigate the subway.

Lantern was conceived by  Eugene Gao as part of a class on mobile advertising. Still a mere concept, the video offers an overview of how the service could work in a real environment.

Found on PSFK.