Milanoamodomio is an online website with a very special mission: to unveil the beauty of Milan through its most particulars (and often unknown) places and events.

The challenge

The first version of the website was mostly as a collection of POIs. For the new project, the client wanted to create a vivid community of people (before than simple users) willing to discover the city.

The solution

Considering the forthcoming EXPO 2015, the idea was to design a multi-channel experience (site, app, magazine) while offering specific tools to hunt for those jewels Milano often hides.

  1. The site was completely re-engineered and re-designed for a new compelling experience: it offers detailed page for POIs, Events, News, and Routes; users can create and share their routes, suggest new places or events, add events to their calendar, see what other users like or place they have visited the most.
  2. The online magazine collect the most interesting contents of the month offering an insight of the editorial board view.
  3. The app (iPhone only) brings the online experience  down to the street: POI, events and routes sports an offline heading feature to explore the city without the need of a data plan. Released in Aug. 2014, the app (MVP) was featured by Apple as Best New App (Italian store) with the likes of Dropbox, Instagram, etc. and retained the position for 3 weeks. In the same period, it was among the first 30 apps for the category “travel”.

My Role

For the 7App srl I’ve done:

  • Website: strategic positioning and concept design, project management (graphic design and development coordination), front-end desk for client
  • Mag: project management (graphic design and development coordination)
  • App: concept design, hi-res mockup, navigation flow, interactive prototypes (i.e. routes navigation, drawer and search, navigation – see the video), development supervision (SCRUM oriented)





Skeddoc is an Italian startup operating in the healthcare sector with its headquarter in Milan.

The challenge

Bringing the disruptive energy of the Internet in the Italian private healthcare sector both for doctors and patients. But how to innovate such a complex system?

The solution 

An online agenda (web/mobile) for doctors to handle slots users can book online via a proprietary web site according to proper filters (i.e. geo-position, specialties, required treatment). The hybrid solution (B2B / B2C) also offer an online profile page to doctors with full curriculum, maps to locate the closest studio, average price range and an interactive calendar with real-time availabilities on daily base (according to doctor setup).

My role

Product manager:

Quick mockups, Features requirements, In-house training for the backoffice team, Developers supervision,  Marketing documentation, Bug testing,  Daily task assigment, New features development, UML and flow diagrams


NOTE: website graphics (frontend and backend) by Marco Milanese.