HCI5 project for Coursera class

UCSanDiego: HCI on Coursera

“Helping you build human-centered design skills, so that you have the principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology” (from course description)

Design mission

Design an interface that facilitates personal or social behavior change.

General idea and needfinding process

Developing a new way to use technology to improve, motivate and support citizens to deal with waste-management programs. Considering the specificities of the Italian programs, I’ve picked 3 participants from 3 different cities. Due to geographic distances, two participants were asked to keep a diary log to register their activities for a 24h time window , while I’ve directly observed the third one for an entire day. After the monitoring activities, I’ve interviewed the three participants asking about their experiences.


An app/web service people can use to create daily to-buy-list (i.e. grocery shop) filled with environmentally safe products. For every product added to the list, the service suggest the best alternative (i.e. lower quantity of plastic, 100% reusable products, etc.). This could give a dramatic contribution in lowering the volume of garbage produced.

Wireframes and first prototype 

I’ve developed two “interactive” wireframe (navigation through active links). This is just an example.

Here you can find the prototype I made in Axure RP. Although not completed, it gives an idea of the overall design.

My work

Needfinding (diary log and direct observation), Storyboards , Wireframes , Interactive prototype, Peer reviewing, User testing.