MyCast: Social Television platform for broadcasters


Bibop Spa was a cross-media company startup based in Milan. As part of the Digital Magic Company, Bibop was mainly active in the broadcasting area offering interactive technologies – MyCast –, innovative formats and concept to the likes of RAI, Telecom Italia, Mediaset, La7 as well as some big international name across UK and USA.

The challenge

Creating the first participatory social tv platform avoiding the easy path of  checkins and badges. The dream? To put people into they show they love…literally.

The solution

Having as starting point its first iteration (Flash based technology), the platform was re-engineered (system architecture, user interface and interaction logic). The result of this process was a modular solution sporting:

  1. a video participatory module fully integrated with tv director room: people could interact live with the show by using a simple webcam and headphone. This module also included a moderation room to control and prepare the users before the “On Air”;
  2. a live chat module integrated with Twitter to let broadcasters gather all the conversations around their shows;
  3. a mobile hybrid iOS tv guide with integrated video-participation features and social comments.

My role

I was in charge of features design for the live chat module and iOS tv guide. Supported the dev team with bug testing activities and UX/UI matters related to the development of the video participatory platform. Also part of the operative team for the business demo with the international clients.