Stephen Hawking’s speech system as open-source platform

Speaking at WIRED Health in London, Intel’s Lama Nachman has revealed that Stephen Hawking’s speech system will be available as open-source platform for the research community.  During the speech, she also gave some interesting detail on the redesign process behind the work the team has done – from user experience research to interaction design.

Some bits from the original article:


redesigning Hawking’s system wasn’t about providing more computer power, but finding a way to enhance the system he was using in a way that would allow him to enjoy the same experiences he had become used to. “He wasn’t interested in something revolutionary; he wanted something similar to what he had but that could solve a lot of problems,” says Nachman.


The team spent time with Hawking and his carers so as to understand how he used his system. “We’ve come to understand all of these common functions that he does on a daily basis,” says Nachman. From there the researcher managed to reduce the number of interactions it took to complete a simple task, turning opening a file from a three- or four-minute operation to a ten-second operation.


“In the process, what we recognised [is that] we had to make a system that was very configurable,” says Nachman. The team realised, she adds, “if we actually open source that system it will enable researchers to bring their solutions to the community”

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