Speculation on future garments: wearing organ skin suits to improve health?

Speculation on future garments: wearing organ skin suits to improve health?

For her thesis, Cloe Cooper – student at Rhode Island School of Design – is working an a speculative design project. She imagines a future where organ skin garments – i.e. a stomach suit, a lung suit, etc.  –  will be used just as clothes to improve health  – instead of being means to express style and status quo.

As she writes on her project page:

Some have predicted that our bodies will become taller and wider as we move forward in time, because of how we have naturally evolved to our changing environment and resources. With this improvement in technology, we have altered  our resources, surroundings and climate. Our culture is changing, and with it, our bodies are also adapting. With these transformations of our physical selves naturally taking place, what if we had more control over specific parts of our body, beyond how they will evolve? This idea led me to start asking the question, ‘ if you could change a part of your body for a functional reason, what would it be and why?’

For my thesis, I am exploring this idea of manipulating human’s intrusion with evolution. […] I created several ‘skin suits’, which will replace clothing in the future. These garments, when worn will transform the human body. A person who has a specific part of their body that is failing their expectations, will be able to choose what parts of their bodies they would like to enhance, and put on this ‘skin suit’ that will fuse to their figure, transforming that particular highlighted area. I was inspired by friends answers to ‘what would you change about your body for function and why,” to create these specific bodysuits.

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