The “why” of Tiiny

On week ago, Mark Hemeon (co-founder of Tiiny) posted a nice article on Medium to tell the story of the app he co-created: from the idea, to the its iteration till pixels and code. Call it the making of Tiiny, if you like it. He wrote: “With any project we take on, we like to start by giving the idea a name. Tiiny was originally called “Blink”. Blink sounds fast, simple and low friction. Blink calls to mind the old saying “If you blink, you might miss it” and felt like the perfect name. However, the more we said “Blink” the more it stressed us out. We wanted the app to feel fun, no pressure. We changed the name to Tiiny, reused from a past project Kevin and I worked on together. Tiiny was a perfect name. It described the size and length of time of each post, was friendly and the complete opposite of an eyestrain.”

Read the full story here.

Adaptation is designers’ most important skill

Josh Payton: “I’m often faced with two types of job applicants. One has years of experience, an impressive portfolio of work and a specialty that took years to hone. That candidate discusses their job history engagingly, within the parameters of what is known and what has come before. The other candidate is young—sometimes almost ridiculously so—and is only held back by a lack of experience. That candidate never talks about history, but about what she wants to learn, where she thinks the world is going, and what kinds of products she wants to develop there. The second candidate is the smarter hire.” Read the full story here.